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    FANUC Strategic Alliance

    Simplified Architecture, Integrated Safety and Manufacturing Intelligence

    FANUC and Rockwell Automation design complementary solutions based on the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture??with a complete hardware and software suite for your powertrain application. The Integrated Architecture production control and information system can help you improve productivity and reduce costs.

    Partnering to Provide Contemporary Solutions

    Integrating computer numerical controls (CNC) from FANUC and programmable automation controllers (PAC) from Rockwell Automation unites two world-class control environments for a fully integrated automation solution that is based on off-the-shelf standardized products. This allows for easy and cost-effective maintenance and management of production.

    Customer Need for an Integrated Solution

    Powertrain machining cells can be simplified and more productive with a pre-engineered automation solution that integrates FANUC CNCs and robots with our cell controllers.

    Manufacturers can control and collect data from a wide variety of devices over a single EtherNet/IP network. This data is transferred easily to enterprise IT systems, enabling better decision-making and cost reductions. Machine tool builders can reduce engineering time and cost with a single network and programming environment.

    Cost-effective Management of Production

    Key benefits of Rockwell Automation and FANUC working together:

    Simplified Architecture

    • EtherNet/IP streamlines design and implementation
    • Documented tools and training – save time, reduce risk, reduce cost

    Integrated Safety

    • Improved safety provisions including machine guarding and diagnostics
    • Safety Signature Aggregation – easily identify and manage safety signature changes
    • CIP Safety on the same EtherNet/IP network

    Manufacturing Intelligence

    • Improved quality, quantity and usability of KPI data for better decisions and improved performance
    • Production and machine? information easily transferred to enterprise IT systems

    Improved Productivity

    • Reduced system engineering and commissioning time
    • Custom AOPs & AOIs ease Robot, CNC and PAC integration
    • Common visualization environment
    • Enhanced diagnostics
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