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    Virtual Competency Centre

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    The Connected Enterprise enables digital transformation, it converges plant-level and enterprise networks and securely connects people, process and technologies.

    Using our Virtual Competency Centre, Rockwell Automation can further enable and assist with this journey.

    • Looking to check out some of the latest Rockwell Automation software and hardware release features?
    • Want to attend Rockwell Automation hands-on labs remotely?
    • Need to test code but don’t have hardware?
    • What if we told you there is an easy, no-cost way to do all that right from your desk with only a web browser?
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    Rockwell Automation is excited to introduce you to our ?Virtual Competency Centre.

    The virtual environment provides access to $2.5M of Rockwell Automation products and web browser access to virtual machines. This investment is spread across our entire portfolio of products and solutions which can be used for hands-on labs, demonstrations, and a wide range of other applications.

    To get started, select the topic you would like to learn more about from our Session Schedule below and fill out the “Register Interest” form and submit. Your registration will be confirmed by email and will contain additional details regarding your session.

    Hands-on labs offered take 2 hours and have limited places, so book early to reserve your spot. The sessions are interactive enabling you to engage with the Subject Matter Expert to ensure you get the most from your session. All material required will be provided prior.

    Some things to consider for hands-on labs:

    • For best experience it is recommended that you have two screens??(Note: this is not mandatory)
    • Familiarity with Rockwell Automation solutions and some user experience with automation products
    • If you find you cannot attend the class, please notify minimum of 2 days prior so that we can offer your spot to someone else.
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    For further information, please contact us: anzcompetency@ra.rockwell.com