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    Migration and Modernization

    Staying Competitive in a Global Market

    Migration and Modernization

    Globalization is driving a heightened focus on Smart Manufacturing. These initiatives rely on modern technologies to improve the productivity and performance of your industrial operations. Are you ready to realize this vision?

    Why Modernize?

    Better Performance, Greater Flexibility, and More Informed Decisions

    Justifying the risk and expense of control system upgrades is a challenge. Legacy systems operate in isolation and outdated equipment is costly to run. However, the threat of obsolescence may seem less daunting than upgrading. Today, smart manufacturing may cause you to rethink that.

    Modern technologies highlighted in Industrial Internet of Things strategies are already helping forward-thinking manufacturers reap the benefits of Smart Manufacturing. To meet the demands of modern manufacturing, companies are looking to new technologies to optimize their processes and equip their people for higher performance and efficiency.

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    Where to Begin?

    Review Your Installed Base to Address Your Biggest Obsolescence Risks First

    To understand your obsolescence risk, begin by conducting a lifecycle analysis of your equipment, spare parts, and software inventory. A thorough review of this information will help you prioritize your modernization needs and goals. We can help you shave weeks or even months off the process compared to doing it internally. You can even see a digital view of your installed base evaluation in My Equipment within MyRockwell.com.

    Develop a Modernization Plan

    Determine Where You Can Make the Biggest Impact

    We help you identify your most critical equipment, your biggest risks, and your migration options. With our partners, we can then help you implement a plan that fits your application needs, budget, and long-term goals. For a full-service DCS Migration, leverage the DCSNext solution from Maverick Technologies – a Rockwell Automation Company. It includes a thorough phased approach from planning to execution, as well as ongoing support.

    Execute Your Modernization Project

    Move at a Pace That Is Right for You

    Whether you choose to migrate all at once or in phases, we have the tools and experience to guide you. We can help you get the highest possible return on your automation investment, from complete custom solutions, to pre-configured modernization packages, to do-it-yourself tools.

    Our trained and experienced professionals are ready to provide:

    • Modernization planning services
    • Support on legacy equipment
    • Start-up and commissioning of your migrated control architecture

    SLC 500 to CompactLogix 5380 Control System Migration

    Ease Your Migration Journey With Flexible Options

    To stay ahead of the changing market demands, it is necessary to have migration solutions that can help lower the risk of maintaining legacy equipment and achieve increased productivity. We provide various resources to help you migrate from SLC? to CompactLogix? control systems. Whether you choose to work with a trusted partner or do it yourself, we offer a full portfolio of modernization and migration services and tools to ease the process.

    PLC-5 To ControlLogix Migration

    Evaluate the Options as You Plan Your Migration

    You have seen the announcements about the Allen-Bradley? PLC-5? Control System entering the End of Life phase. We provide a variety of resources to help you upgrade your controllers, with choices to help you develop a proactive lifecycle plan that meets your needs. Whether you choose to work with a trusted partner or do it yourself, we offer a full portfolio of modernization and migration services and tools to ease the process.

    RSView32 to FactoryTalk View SE

    Upgrade Your HMI to Create New Business Value

    Wondering why you should consider human-machine interface (HMI) modernization? Technology is an ever-changing landscape – one that evolves so rapidly that it can be hard to keep pace. Exploiting advancements in commercial technology and product investment will help enable you to take advantage of mobility, virtualization, and other new technologies. But to do this, you must let go of the old and embrace the new. Learn how migrating from RSView?32 to FactoryTalk? View Site Edition (SE) will help you prepare for changes in your own environment and ensure that you are trending in the right direction.

    Medium Voltage Field Modification Services

    Modernize the Operation of Your Existing Medium Voltage Equipment

    Field modernization can be a cost-effective alternative to new capital expenditure when considering options to enhance performance and reliability of medium voltage equipment. Field modernization options vary from simple hardware or software changes to complex system reconfigurations. An upgrade of your existing hardware or software could provide the added functionality that is required to meet the demands of a new application.

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